Watch the BLOODHOUND K’NEX Car Being Built!

This video shows a time-lapse video of a life-sized replica of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car made entirely of K’NEX! No way! It’s been measured by Guinness World Records and it’s officially the World’s largest ever K’NEX structure!


If that isn’t amazing enough, get your head around these facts and figures about the model!

  • 383,422 – The number of K’NEX parts needed to complete the structure

  • 6125 – 75mm cubes constructed of K’NEX that form the internal structure

  • 62 – Flexible sheets constructed of K’NEX to form the outer shell

  • 1287 – The number of working hours to build the massive construction

  • 13.382m – The length of the BLOODHOUND K’NEX Car

  • 3.874m – The height of the BLOODHOUND K’NEX Car

  • 2.440m – The width of the BLOODHOUND K’NEX Car

  • 164 – The number of people who contributed to the construction of the model

  • 12 – Different types of K’NEX part used to form the entire structure

  • 548 – The number of K’NEX 70 Model Building Sets that would have the equivalent number of parts to the BLOODHOUND K’NEX Car



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