Razor® Crazy Cart™: Ultimate Drift

Drifters, listen up. We’re huge fans of the Razor Crazy Cart but sometimes (like when we’re making Toxic mag for you lot!) we can’t get away with racing around like maniacs!

But weekdays don’t have to be boring – thanks to this wicked new app!

Jump in your seat to experience the Razor Crazy Cart (2014 Outdoor Toy of the Year) on your iPhone and iPad by playing this Rhythmic Infinite Drifter! What’s more it is FREE! You can:

* Drive forward or backward, spin and drift like a pro to avoid the obstacles that get more challenging over time
* Infinite, randomly generated tracks ensure you never play the same game twice
* In Crazy Cart mode, you speed up, spin around and drift your way through obstacles and multiply your coins faster.
* Sync your moves to the arrows and activate Crazy Cart mode faster.
* Use your 360-degree spin (swipe down) to knock lighter obstacles out of the way
* Pick up power-ups along the way to earn extra coins and get further easily.
* Compete with your friends by sharing your high scores on Facebook and access Global Leaderboards with Game Center.
* Buy extra power-ups in the shop (or earn them by playing) and use them as multipliers to get further in the game.
* Come back every day and win some awesome in-game prizes.


Stay tuned for updates for some great upcoming content and remember drifters, you are now entering a Make Believe Virtual World, enjoy your real Crazy Cart but Keep it off the Public Roads!

© 2015 Razor USA LLC



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